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Prym Schneiderschere "Professional" 23cm - 611517 namensbaender
Prym Tailor's Shears "Professional" 23cm - 611517
Jeans, jersey, silk or linen: These professional tailor's scissors from KAI ensure safe, straight cuts thanks to the angulation of their blades. The extremely hard stainless...
€36.40 *
Prym Stickschere "Professional", fein 10cm - 611514 namensbaender
Prym embroidery scissors "Professional", fine 10cm - 611514
The very pointed and super fine embroidery scissors from KAI's "Professional" line allow for millimeter-precise cutting right down to the tips and are made for fine embroidery...
€20.85 *
Zackenschere Professional von Prym
Prym Shears Professional - 611 515
The Professional pinking shears by Prym (KAI N5350) are of a particularly high quality and ideal for commercial and home use. Do not confuse these high quality scissors with...
€46.95 *
Universal serrated scissors
Prym Universal serrated scissors - 610 555
The UNIVERSAL serrated scissors by Prym (610 555) is the ideal tool for cutting our name ribbons and gift ribbons. It has a robust plastic handle and a total length of approx....
€23.90 *